BL urabanashi vol. 2
A talk CD about BL drama CDs, in this volume featuring Morikawa Toshiyuki, Yamaguchi Kappei, and Narita Ken

Morikawa Toshiyuki: Naraku of Inuyasha, Aoki Seiichiro in X TV, Conrad in Kyo Kara Mao!, Alex Lowe in Last Exile, Tatsumi in Yami no Matsuei, etc.
Yamaguchi Kappei: Inuyasha of Inuyasha, Male Ranma in Ranma , Chichiri in Fushigi Yugi, Sakuma Ryuuichi in Gravitation, Sumeragi Subaru in Tokyo Babylon OVA, etc.
Narita Ken: Sesshomaru of Inuyasha, Fuuma in X Movie, Tetsuya in Fushigi Yugi, Arios in Angelique, Young President Mishima in All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku, etc.

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It starts and Morikawa is all "welcome~"
Our guests are Yamaguchi Kappei and Narita Ken~
Yamaguchi says thanks for getting this CD.
Narita is all, "Yes. Yes. Pastel Collection. Yes."
And they all laugh because it's like he can't think of anything to say.
Now they're talking about BL.
How they first met BL.
They can't recall what they used to call it, because BL is a new word.
It was in the times of the casette tapes.

Narita: You've been doing it for so long?!
Yamaguchi: Yeah.
Narita: I've only been on CDs.
Yamaguchi: You have arrived recently like a meteor!
Narita: No ... I just, like, dropped by.
Yamaguchi: I've been doing it for 14 years.
Morikawa: So long?! Wow.
Yamaguchi: I didn't know anything about it. I was given the scenario by the director.
Yamaguchi: It had a lot of kanji, so I went home and read it.
Yamaguchi: There weren't a lot of "those" scenes in it at the time.
Yamaguchi: While reading I slowly became aware that Hayami Sho and I were supposed to be doing love scenes ...
Yamaguchi: And suddenly it dawned on me: This is that thing I'd heard about!!!
Morikawa: They didn't tell you anything about it? They cheated you!
Yamaguchi: I did my best! I put all effort in it!
Morikawa: Did Hayami call you beforehand?
Yamaguchi: No.
Morikawa: Weren't the entire cast newbies to this genre?
Yamaguchi: Yeah.
Yamaguchi: I can't remember how the recording was, I was so young and nervous.
Narita: 4-5 years ago was the first time.
Narita: I didn't have H scenes at first, but were given seme and uke roles after a while.
Narita: I knew other people did it, but when I got that kind of role it dawned on me I had to do it too.
Yamaguchi: I dislike it when the main two are left behind in the recording booth!
Morikawa: Me too.
Morikawa: The producer sometimes throw out the other cast at times, and it's embarrassing!
Yamaguchi: We're doing this together! Let's do it all together!
Narita: It's worse when the staff are the only ones watching.
Yamaguchi: But Narita-san, you like being watched, right?
Narita: Yeah, I guess.
Yamaguchi: You guess? XD
Morikawa: You usually face away from the staff when recording, but one time I had to face the staff and do it. That was a shock!
Morikawa: I think they wanted to watch.
Yamaguchi: I once did a drama with Okiayu recording with one mike!
Yamaguchi: It didn't have any H, but at the end of it there was a scene where my character had his head in Okiayu's chest.
Yamaguchi: And the staff told me to really do it with Okiayu!!!
Yamaguchi: Totally embarrassing.
Morikawa: Narita-san, any funny episodes?
Narita: Episodes?
Morikawa: Have you prepared anything?
Narita: Prepared?
Morikawa: Something?
Narita: Something?
Narita: There was one time I was to talk while acting having *something* in my mouth, and that was difficult. I did it while imagining it ...
Yamaguchi: I was once given a candy by the staff in a scene like that.
Morikawa: Ahh, for the sounds, yeah ...
*boring technical chatter*
Morikawa: You didn't take anything in your mouth in the scene, Narita?
Narita: Hm? No, I didn't.
Yamaguchi: You didn't practise? XD
Narita: No no.
Morikawa: How do you make kissing sounds.
Narita: I kiss my own hand.
Yamaguchi: The timing is really difficult with kisses.
Morikawa: Yeah, you have to part at the same time.
Yamaguchi: Timing is always difficult.
Morikawa: You two must be experts by now?
Narita: Yeah, it's been so long with him.
Yamaguchi: Narita-san just keeps coming at it!
Yamaguchi: You come like two, three times? And I'm getting all tired and stuff, and I look over at him to stop? He doesn't!!
Narita: But ... at times like that I think you're wanting more! That's in character!
Yamaguchi: But anyway ... I don't have anything against doing BLCDs because it's nice to do these delicate dramas about deeper feelings.
Narita: Yeah, it feels natural when the drama are good.
Morikawa: Acting dramas are really nice. You feel accomplished.
Yamaguchi: Yeah, exactly.
Morikawa: The recording is really fun, too.
Yamaguchi: Yes! A lot of big-name people come, and there are almost always some you know, so it's really a lot of fun.
Yamaguchi: Oh! There was one thing I wanted to ask emperor Morikawa about!
Yamaguchi: I haven't really been doing seme-roles. When I come to the scenes when I'm *uke*, my breath runs out!
Yamaguchi: I get really dozy. What should I do?!
Narita: What? You do?
Morikawa: Yes, I know the feeling. The seme mostly uses his world to reassure the uke and make him feel good, and the uke has to answer all that with his breath.
Yamaguchi: Narita-san, did you hear that?! *Reassure* the uke, he said.
Yamaguchi: You just keep seme! seme! seme!
Morikawa: Yeah. When the uke is all tired and ready to stop, and you look over at Narita-san? He has his eyes closed!
Yamaguchi: He's not even looking!
Narita: But I think I want to be deeply into the role.
Narita: I am with you! I remember every bit of it all!
Morikawa: You've done uke too, right?
Narita: Yeah. It's really hard. Seme is much easier.
Morikawa: The seme can set the timing, you know?
Yamaguchi: Exactly! Sometimes my rhythm and timing are messed up by the seme.
Yamaguchi: Like, "What, you're coming *now*?!"
Narita: I was once about to pass out.
Narita: I could feel it, I was about to faint, and I felt like I was going to stop the recording (i.e. do something wrong), but I stood firm and then it was my line and I said it. Yamaguchi: You can't just stop a scene like that.
Morikawa: So true. All the breathing is connected in those scenes, so you have to start all over again if you stop the recording.
Yamaguchi: But I'm happy to hear emperor Morikawa thinks uke is hard, too.
Morikawa: Yes. We seme all admire you uke.

Morikawa: It's best to do H scenes at the beginning, I think, when you have most energy.
Morikawa: Also, when you stop a recording of an H scene, it feels like you have to do the same thing all over again, which isn't good because it needs to be more spontaneous.
Narita: I felt this when I was doing uke, but uke voices is not something you can make up as you go along.
Narita: You need to find the feeling of "feeling good and aroused" inside yourself to do uke.
Narita: I had been listening to women make those kind of noises and thinking it was probably easy for them, but it isn't at all. (WTF is Narita thinking?!)
Yamaguchi: *laugh*
Yamaguchi: *talks about some stuff that doesn't make sense ...*
Yamaguchi: Those scenes almost never work out like you thought or practised at home, though.
Morikawa: I practise the dialogue at home, but not the sex.
Morikawa: It never works as you think it will.
Yamaguchi: It changes entirely.
Morikawa: The most troublesome thing is ...
Morikawa: When they come and tell you, "This particular part is like this, so please do your moaning like this and this!"
Yamaguchi: *laugh*
Narita: What?
Morikawa: It's like, what moaning and breathing where? It doesn't work like that.
Narita: You have to read all the "stage-directions", too.
Morikawa: Yeah. Some people skip them!
Yamaguchi: Yes! While you're doing a scene like that, I sometimes feel like I'm at a completely different place in the script than the other guy!
Morikawa: I'm *here*, but that guy is like aaaaaall the way other there!
Yamaguchi: *laugh*
Morikawa: Worst case scenario: he's on the other side of the bed!
Yamaguchi: He's finished already!
Narita: When I'm reading the scenario at home, I imagine the scenes and plan them out completely in my head, but that's all wasted in the recording.
Yamaguchi: Yeah, that happens ...
Morikawa: Your breathing has to fit the partner, yeah.
Narita: It changes completely.
Morikawa: When recording, there aren't any BGM or sound effects, so you do some sounds in front of the mike but it's really bare.
Morikawa: So do you guys sometimes listen to the finished product to see how all that turned out?
Yamaguchi: I do.
Narita: You do?
Yamaguchi: Yeah, I want to know how they turn out.
Morikawa: Narita-san, you should listen too!
Narita: I will in the future ...
Yamaguchi: *laugh*
Narita: I mean, I don't want to listen to them when I'm in them. I know I should, but ...
Narita: Well it's not that I don't want to. Sometimes I hear myself on the telly and sit down and listen.
Narita: But to actually go out of my way to listen to it feels weird.
Morikawa: Sitting down in front of the stereo and actually listening, yeah I get that ...
Yamaguchi: You're really into the role and everything while recording, so when I listen to the finished product I can analyze it more calmly.
Yamaguchi: I think about timing and such things and consider how I could do things better next time. Really calmly.
Morikawa: You're doing the Muteki series, which is pretty long, so when you're going to record another title in the series, do you listen to the backnumbers to get into the roles again?
Yamaguchi: I did at the beginning. But I've done 3 or 4 of them now, and the cast members all know each other and are into it, so I don't do it anymore.
Narita: Although you might have forgotten the role, you remember when you meet the rest of the cast at the recording.
Yamaguchi: The role comes back to you.
Morikawa: You gradually become more and more of a perv.
Narita: If I listen to the old ones, I think I might be disappointed and not be able to do the new one with a fresh feeling.
Morikawa: But Narita-san ... you're really into the roles when you're in the studio.
Yamaguchi: At the end of the Muteki series ... Narita-san is playing someone called Tsuyuki, but at the end of it all he sounded totally perverted even doing some announcement!
Morikawa: *laugh*
Morikawa: I see.
Narita: I'm like that, yeah.
Morikawa: When I'm working with Narita-san, out eyes meet a lot during recording.
Yamaguchi: Me too!
Morikawa: Our eyes meet, but his eyes are not those of Narita-san!
Yamaguchi: *laugh*
Morikawa: No, it's the role!
Yamaguchi: We often work together on a certain other series as well ...
Morikawa: Yeah, that certain other series. (They mean Inuyasha.)
Yamaguchi: But when we're doing Muteki, and our eyes meet ... Narita-san IS Tsuyuki.
Yamaguchi: And shivers run down my spine when he looks at me! I'm so sure he's thinking perverse thoughts!!
Narita: But I really have to get into it like that to play, I think.
Morikawa: With Narita-san, I'm also afraid he'll bite my head off if I do something wrong because he's so into it.
Narita: No, I won't!
Yamaguchi: True, true.
Morikawa: Now onto something else ...
Morikawa: "Bangaihen: Aitsu ni muchu". Tell me about it!
Morikawa: This title features "my partner" (Yamaguchi: *laugh* -- Hiyama and Morikawa are a duo) Hiyama and Matsumoto Yasunori-san, and ItoKen and Chiba Susumu-kun as well.
Yamaguchi: Yeah.
Morikawa: Any funny episodes from the recording?
Yamaguchi: The series itself is pretty much a comedy ... sort of has a cute fresh ecchi thing going on?
Yamaguchi: So it was very fun to play.
Yamaguchi: The studio was filled with laughter.
Yamaguchi: I recommend Chiba Susumu-kun.
Yamaguchi: He plays Kanda-kun, a big but cute younger guy. He's like a dog, I tell you.
Yamaguchi: DOG.
Yamaguchi: Bow-wow!
Narita: Yeah, lots of dogs like him ... big cute ones.
Morikawa: I don't get it ...
Narita: So dog.
Morikawa: He's playing a dog?
N/Y: Nonono.
N/Y: *giggles*
Yamaguchi: Like a dog.
Narita: He almost jumps up on you and wants you to cuddle him.
Morikawa: Oh.
Yamaguchi: He's very cute.
Yamaguchi: At first I thought he was really annoying, but now I think he's cute in all his annoyingness.
Yamaguchi: Like how I got used to Narita-san.
Morikawa: *laugh*
Yamaguchi: It was all very funny.
Yamaguchi: I admire Hiyama-san. Very talented.
Morikawa: You're school boys in this, right?
Yamaguchi: Matsumoto-san is the school doctor, Hiyamatcho (XD) and Kentaro and me and Narita-san and Chiba-kun are students.
Morikawa: Chiba-kun is the youngest?
Yamaguchi: Yep.
Yamaguchi: Kentaro's role has a bf in Europe.
Morikawa: Wow.
Yamaguchi: And the bf is a grade-schooler.
Morikawa: What?
Yamaguchi: All through the series there were rumours about him having that kind of bf ...
Morikawa: His bf is a grade-schooler?
Yamaguchi: Yes. And they've been talking on the phone and stuff, too, but the series ended before he could appear.
Morikawa: Mysterious.
Yamaguchi: Mysterious!
Narita: That's pretty much a crime, so ...
Morikawa: *laugh*
M/Y/N: Sugoi~
Narita: He likes boys, I guess.
Yamaguchi: Matsumoto-san and Hiyama are a couple, and ...
Narita: Yep.
Yamaguchi: Wait, I didn't mean that they were! Their roles. *laugh*
Morikawa: *laugh*
Morikawa: Yeah, I know. I sometimes say it like that that, too. *laugh*
Yamaguchi: Matsumoto-sensei ... I mean, Matsumoto-san's role, Tachibana-sensei!
Yamaguchi: Tachibana-sensei is the school doctor, so he releases the infirmatory for the students!
Yamaguchi: He's really open-minded, and that's great, but ...
Morikawa: Oh, you mean like ...
Morikawa: Allow the lovers to use the infirmatory? (Moririn is really picking his words carefully here)
Yamaguchi: Yeah.
Narita: It's like a love-hotel.
Yamaguchi: How should I put it ... we did it in a lot of different places in this series.
Yamaguchi: Student council room ...
Morikawa: Oh, you mean inside the school?
Yamaguchi: Infirmatory ...
Narita: *dirty laugh*
Yamaguchi: The clubroom of the photography club ...
Morikawa: You mean like that dark room?
Yamaguchi: Yeah. Classroom ... the storage room ...
Narita: And every time, he gets different things stuck up his you know.
Yamaguchi: *laugh*
Yamaguchi: For every time there is this "item" ...
Narita: Always one special thing.
Morikawa: Like a game, that.
Yamaguchi: All kiiiiiinds of things.
Narita: Every time, the cast brings some items to the recording.
Yamaguchi: No way!!!
Morikawa: *laugh*
Narita: They bring a thing they think will be used today.
Narita: And they all take it out ...
Narita: And Narita Kuuko (the author) will go "Today we'll be using ... THIS! Ta-daaaaa!"
Narita: And it's announced.
Morikawa: I see ...
Yamaguchi: Today's item is ...
Narita: Alto flute!!!
Morikawa: Really? That's how you do it?
Narita: Yes!
Narita: Like, "Hiyama-kun guessed right today!"
Yamaguchi: (choking because he's laughing so hard) NO way ...
Narita: Pin-pooooon! (A sound they make in Japan when someone answers correctly.)
Yamaguchi: Pingpong! There were pingpong balls once!
Yamaguchi: That's right ...
Yamaguchi: Not just one or two of them, mind.
Yamaguchi: Alto flute, maracas ...
Yamaguchi: The items became more simple along the way, though.
Narita: Yeah, like kokeshi.
Morikawa: Kokeshi? What, you found them in the principal's office? (Note: Kokeshi is sort of old-fashioned and associated with older people.)
Yamaguchi: No, it was there in the infirmatory.
Yamaguchi: I had bought it for Tachibana-sensei on a school trip.
Yamaguchi: So this perverse bastard decided to use it!
Narita: Yep, I did.
Yamaguchi: I was really taunted in this series ...
Yamaguchi: A lot of it is words, too.
Narita: Tsuyuki-kun was very good at that, yes.
Morikawa: Maybe we shouldn't have things lying around close to Narita-san.
Yamaguchi: We better not.
Morikawa: Like stuff that might be stuck up ...
*lots of laughing and giggling*
Yamaguchi: There are tons of stuff on this table that could be stuck up!!
Morikawa: You know ... this BL Urabanashi series, the first one was very serious.
Yamaguchi: Oooops!
Morikawa: But this second one is totally different, it's great.
Yamaguchi: Should we talk about serious things?
Morikawa: Nono, you're done some serious talking, too.
Morikawa: But right now it's like Narita-san ...
Yamaguchi: Narita-san's engine's been turned on, it seems.
Yamaguchi: Narita-san, tell us everything you feel about this series!
Narita: Well, yes. Really ... the items are everything.
Narita: We can continue this series as long as there are new items.
Yamaguchi: Narita-san, what item did you enjoy the most?
Narita: Me? The flute!
Yamaguchi: That had a lot of impact.
Yamaguchi: It was an alto flute! Not just a regular flute, but alto!
Yamaguchi: It was the thick kind!
Yamaguchi: I get embarrassed just thinking back ...
Narita: *makes flute noises*
*everyone laughs*
Narita: Kappei-kun is amusing because he really gets embarrassed.
Narita: That's why it's fun to be seme to you.

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