Yoshirin de Pon!

(a Yu Yu Hakusho dojinshi by Togashi Yoshihiro & friends)

Yoshirin de pon! is a (in)famous YYH dojin Togashi made and gave out for free at the 1994 Summer Comiket. It contains some random drawings by him and his friends, a handful of short comics, an interview, and an essay.

A very, very nice person who had bought the actual book on eBay was as kind as to send me scans so I could translate it, but I only managed to get the first half of it. After a few years of having it half-finished on my HD and only showing it to friends, I finaly decided to post it for the public to enjoy. This isn't much, no, but it's something, and it does have certain historical importance and might help people in their research.

December 2013: I have added three more pages of comics, and a translation of the two-page essay about why Togashi finished YYH at the hight of its popularity. Thank you to the kind person who e-mailed me with a link to good scans! The only thing missing from this translation is another three-page parody comic of Hensh├╗├┤ by Tsuchida Seiki, and a few illustrations (not by Togashi).